The former owner of clothing maker Mambo has been forced to apologise to the Hells Angels over two trademark breaches.

The case, which started in the Federal Magistrates Court late last year, centred on a children’s hooded sweatshirt in black and pink bearing a design with the words “Heavens Angels” and a skull with wings, as well as a sugar pink mini-skirt.

As part of a confidential settlement in favour of the motorcycle club, Michael Gazal, managing director of Gazal Corp, wrote an apology for making and selling the garments.

Advertisement: Story continues below”Gazal would like to publicly acknowledge the Hells Angels’ intellectual property rights in its trademarks and artistic works, and the considerable reputation it has in those trademarks and artistic works, a reputation which stems from a long history of use both in Australia and internationally,” the apology, published on the internet, says.

“In selling and manufacturing the disputed clothing items, Gazal did not intend to infringe the Hells Angels’ intellectual property rights or diminish its reputation, and expresses regret for any offence taken by the Hells Angels as a result of that conduct.”


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