We promised you an announcement and here it is bit last minute but not too late, Good as Gold is on for the 22 year in a row.

1st March 2014 – We will be changing the format slightly this year and there will be no entry fee THAT’S RIGHT YOU HEARD IT NO ENTRY FEE !

And theres a new departure point  THATS RIGHT A NEW DEPARTURE POINT !!!!  (So don’t go to the old one).

Start time is 12 PM QLD time (1pm NSW and meeting at the  Woodenbong Pub) – 43  Macpherson St, Woodenbong, NSW – That is just over an hour from the old departure point at Browns Plains.

We will be spending the afternoon enjoying some nice roads, doing what we always have motorcycling, THAT’S RIGHT MOTORCYCLING !

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to come long and support this event. Proceeds from this will go to support the UMCQ high court challenge.

For further details checkout: www.route81australia.com.au or http://www.facebook.com/goodasgoldbrisbane or text  0434 796 996

The Good as Gold Team.

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